As I again wished to advance my career, my next move within 3M would have been 2nd or 3rd shift production management. However, because I had a young family at the time, I decided it would be better if I were to continue working days and instead made a career change and transitioned into sales.  I worked for 3M's Inside Sale's Department for 1 year and then sifted into Outside Sales with Lanco Corporation. During my 2 years with Lanco I was the regional sales representative for the company where I sold Lanco products in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and northern Wisconsin.  After we parted ways in 2008, I started my Independent Sales Business, W-Incentives, and that is where I am at today.

My goals are simple; I strive to represent quality products with integrity; I aim to be truthful and respond to customers in a timely manner; my company is nothing fancy because I believe in simplicity!  I simply think about the way I would want to be treated by people I am buying from, and that is how I strive to conduct business with customers.

My passion is customer service.  It is my goal to keep my customers happy!

With that being said, I like to tell people I don't work; I just have a few hobbies.  I love to visit, and I love to listen to people talk.  All I do is match products with what people tell me they are looking for (and obviously a little more).  Fortunately for me, my work is a lot of fun!!

It's with great pleasure that our paths may cross.  Miles of Smiles!

About Me...where do I start.

In 1996, I never would have guessed I would someday be sitting down to write an autobiography for my own company, W-Incentives.  I was first introduced into the Advertising Speciality Industry by a college roommate at Minnesota State University - Mankato.  My roommate worked for 3M Promotional Products and suggested I apply for a customer service position that was open; I applied and I haven't looked back since. 

Over the course of my first 10 years with the industry, I worked my way through the ranks at 3M Promotional Markets. I started in customer service and after 3 years transferred into the fire of Pre-Production Supervision where I was instrumental in implementing "digital artwork" as the standard way to receive art from our customers.  After 3 years of working in this position, I realized I needed a bit more production experience so I moved laterally through the company and worked in the Silk Screen Department where I became the supervisor of the Silk Screen team and the Maintenance Department.