* Blank Samples - 20% off EQP net with Shipper number​ (Refund if returned within 30 Days

​* Amazing Quality and Durable

Construction: Decoration as low as 24 pieces

* Spec Samples - Special offer: $35 on certain styles (call for details)

​* 10-12 Day Production Time (Decorated)

​* Shipping from Fremont, California

​​​​* Self Promotions - Call for details

Valuable Tips:

 Fossa Apparel was founded in 2007 by Judy Chen and her daughter Michelle Chen.The company's existence is to fill a void of high quality outerwear in the promotional product industry. Cool style, Retail appeal,  over the top design, amazing quality with GREAT Pricing!

You must feel and see the product to completely understand!


​​Fossa Apparel

47280 Kato Road

Fremont, CA 94538

ASI 55141/ PPAI 330885

Phone - 888-367-7271

​Email -cs@fossaapparel.com